Grow 1: Week 1: Update


So far the grow has been operating for about 6 days. Seeds went into wet/warm soil starter containers on Day #1 and we had sprouts by day 4. Each day since we’ve seen growth and new sprouting. So far ~10 seeds out of 15 have sprouted. They look a bit “reachy” but I have no experience so who the hell knows …

Original setup:
  • 15 small germination containers with soil base
  • Warming mat w/ thermostat controller set at 85F
  • Wet paper towel laid over the containers to retain humidity
  • Paper towel removed as soon as sprouting was observed
  • 2inch plastic dome on germination tray to retain humidity
  • No lights
Day 5 Modifications:
  • Installed a seed/germination-specific T5 florescent grow lamp & stand
  • T5 light running 24x7 (have not set up the timer yet)
  • Replaced the 2inch plastic humidity dome with a much larger one
Lessons Learned

Biggest lesson was realizing that a seed/germination specific T5 light should have been purchased upfront, they really do need a different light setup when germinating.

The other minor lesson learned was how fast the sprouts grow. Good thing we had a larger humidity dome available because by Day #5 some of the seedlings were hitting the top of the 2in dome! Glad we started with 2in though as it likely did a better job at moisture and humidity control.

Need to get a timer on the T5 light. I think I’m going to try an 18:6 hour cycle for this phase


Outgrowing the 2in dome

Day #5

Larger dome in place

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