Grow 1: Week 2: Update


So far the grow has been operating for about 14 days. 11 out of 15 seeds germinated and were transplanted into fabric pots today. Once potted, the plants were moved into the grow room and placed under LED lighting.

Week 2 News:
  • 11 out of 15 seeds germinated
  • Seedlings transplanted to 1gal and 3gal fabric pots
  • Pots moved into the grow space under LED lights in ‘Veg’ mode
  • 1st nutrients added
Lessons Learned

Turns out the grow room can really only support about ~8 3 gallon pots. In order to fit 11 plants in I had to use 8 3gal pots and 3 more 1gal pots stuffed into the room. Looking forward to sexing the plants - with the males removed there should be plenty of room for 4-5 females, even if I move to 5gal pots.

Of the 11 plants that germinated, there are roughly 3 smaller and slower growing plants and 8 that grew strong and fast. The tiny plants got segregated to 1gal pots. Now that they are in Veg mode it will be interesting to see if any catch up or fall behind the others.

Product! Used product for the first time. Have plenty of nutrients ready to go but have read that (a) they should not be used during germination and (b) non sterile potting soil usually has plenty of nutrients in it for the first week or so. The product I used today was Mykos Pure Mycorrhizal Inoculant from Extreme Gardening ( and I decided to use it after realizing that transplanting was my best chance to get the inoculant next to the roots.

Sexing via cloning and forced blooming? Because this is my first attempt, I’m leaning towards letting the 11 plants grow naturally until I can discern between the male and female plants. This is the easy path that just comes at the added cost of “wasting” effort, soil and nutrients on plants that will be culled and discarded. Power growers would take cuttings to clone each of the 11 plants and put the 11 clones under a 12:12 light cycle to force blooming so they could determine sex much earlier. Not only does this provide faster data it also results in female clones that can be added back into the grow to replace some of the discarded males. I think I’m going to go slow and easy on this 1st attempt but reserve the right to change my mind and bust out the cloning gel if I get bored.

At first glance it looks like my LED rig may be too small to cover all 11 plants. Not sure if I’m going to add additional lighting or if I’ll just let things ride to see how the veg stage goes. Once the males are culled it will be easier to position the remaining plants directly under the lighting. I decided on the Advanced Platinum p300 ( LED fixture which supposedly is equivalent to a 400w HPS. I don’t know much about lighting except that I am 100% sure that I am not going to run a high-powered, high-heat fixture in a small enclosed room so it’s LED or bust for me – other lamp styles may be better but for safety reasons I’m only going to run low-power, low-heat devices in the grow.

Ready for transplanting!

Transplanting into fabric pots. The gray powder is the Mykos inoculant

Root system looks pretty good

Almost done re-potting. Had to use 1gal pots because I ran out of 3gal pots. I segregated the slower/smaller seedlings to the 1gal pots

Moved to the grow room. As you can see the 8x 3gal pots fit fine but I had to squish in the other 3 1gal pots.

This is the p300 light running in ‘veg’ mode with all the plants.

One final close up

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