Grow 1: Week 3: Update


So far the grow has been operating for about 23 days and 11 potted plants are solidly in Week #2 of veg phase.

Week 3 News:
  • - 11 plants still alive
  • - Interesting to see the differing growth rates, some large and small plants!
  • - Added two additional LED lamps to address some coverage issues with the Platinum LED p300 fixture
Lessons Learned

The Platinum LED P300 fixture ( ) does not quite spread light widely enough to cover the 11 pots. Suspect it will be fine once the males are culled and the number of plants drops significantly.

However to address the light issue I added two LED bulb fixtures to the grow room ( and hung them on either side of the P300. The new LED bulbs can be pointed/aimed where needed.

Hardware/hanging issue caused one LED to fall on my smallest pot, so far the plant survived but one of it’s leaves has some obvious heat damage.

Grow view

Big (3gal) and small (1gal) smart pots

Week 3 closeup, 1 of 2

Week 3 closeup, 2 of 2

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