Grow 1: Week 4: Update


So far the grow has been operating for about 30 days and 11 potted plants are solidly in Week #2 of veg phase.

Week 4 News:
  • - 11 plants still alive
  • - Started adding Mammoth P inoculant (
  • - PH tested input water for the first time
  • - Some pots have roots growing through the sides!
  • - Will begin transition to bloom/flower stage in 1-2 weeks
  • - Staring to examine the plants closely for signs of sex characteristics
Lessons Learned

Beware of grow shops taking advantage of novice growers. I need to be more cynical or perhaps less obvious in expressing my excited newbie state. My stupidity was taken advantage of by sales people :)

PH tested input water for the first time. Using tap water at the moment, the Boston tap water tested out at 7.5 before nutrients. After adding nutrients and letting the water sit for 24 hours the PH tested at 6.5 and this is what I have been hand watering the plants with.

I’m getting better at watering - both schedule and volume used.

Grow view, Day 30

A few of the plants

Another plant

I’m now watching for signs of male/female characteristics

Growth everywhere!


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