Grow 1: Week 5: Flippin' Out


So far the grow has been operating for about 35 days and 11 potted plants were just switched to Day 1 of bloom/flower phase.

The plants are growing fast and despite close examination I've been unable to determine sex; getting anxious to cull the males and reduce the number of plants that need care and feeding. This was the main reason why I decided that this was the week to flush and flip.

Flush meaning I'm watering without nutrients so that any (hypothetical) chemical lockups get washed clean and flip meaning that I made the switch from an 18:4 light cycle to a 12:12 light cycle.

Forcing the plants from vegetative to bloom state seems to be the best way to force sexual development. Hopefully within a week I'll be able to start discerning the male from female plants.

Week 5 News:
  • - 11 plants still alive
  • - Transitioned to flower stage via a swap to a 12:12 light cycle!
  • - No obvious sex characteristics on the plants
Lessons Learned

Seeing rapid growth. Plants are way thirstier. Each watering session takes roughly 5gal of water, just a few weeks ago I was watering everything with less than 2gal.

Grow view, Day 35

A few of the plants

These are the slow growing “baby” plants that I put in 1gal pots due to their small initial size. These three are still smaller than all their friends in the 3gal pots although they are also growing fast now.

This is more representative of the “average” plant size this week

No signs of sex organs yet

No discernible sex characteristics yet

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