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If you are reading this page you likely found a URL or scannable QR code on something produced from this grow that I gave away to friends, family and people I’ve met within the local Boston homegrow community.

The goal here is to have a nice Internet landing-page with grow details, pictures and (eventually) lab testing results from each grow. Then I can put the URL on any preroll, edible or rosin that I produce and people will have a reference site to visit if they want more details.

Feedback wanted! I’m really new at this and having a blast growing, cloning and extracting. What I lack, however, is feedback on how I’m doing with each strain, product or grow. If you’ve been given/gifted my stuff I’d really love to hear back from people! Leave a comment below or email me privately at ‘’. Looking for feedback on curing, taste, potency and trimming etc.


Strain: Black Cherry Cheesecake,

Original Source: Seeds procured from grow ninjas located in the US Pacific Northwest region

Source for this grow: Clones of known-female plant cuttings taken during flowering phase of Grow #1 and forced to re-veg

Grow setup: Indoor soil-grown with LED lighting and hand watering. No pesticide. Soil source:

Nutrients: The ‘3-part’ setup from Cutting Edge Solutions, dialed down to 80% of the recommended concentration according to their feeding charts and schedule.

Additives: Uncle John’s Blend and Sugaree from plus regular use of Mammoth P from

Lab Test Results!

I paid out of pocket for analytical tests to be run at MCR Labs ( Highly recommended!

Key Dates

From start to finish this grow was almost 6-months in length!

  • - March 18, 2017 - Took cuttings from known-female plants that were well into flowering (from Grow #1) and placed into a clone box
  • - March 25, 2017 - 4x Rooted clones transplanted from clone box to solo cups and soil, T5 fluorescent lighting at 20:4 light cycle
  • - March 29, 2017 - Transplanted from 4x solo cups to 3gal fabric smart pots for vegetative growth phase, COB LEDs at 20:4 light cycle

55 days of vegetative growth! Much of this has to do with the clones being taken from flowering plants. They needed a lot of time to re-veg and start to properly grow.

  • - May 19, 2017 - Flowering begins. All 4x pots moved to flower enclosure and a 12:12 light cycle
  • - July 23, 2017 - 4x plants cut and hung for initial drying

65 days for flower phase! I harvested towards the end of the ideal period, judging by looking at trichomes under heavy magnification. Mostly intentional but also due to summer and travel schedule.

  • - August 1, 2017 - Trimmed and jarred for curing
  • - September 1, 2017 - 30 day cure complete; ready to go!

I weighed everything after the 30-day cure and came up with about 5.3 ounces from 4 plants. I’m very happy with this result. Not counted in this total is whatever hash and rosin I obtain from passing the large amount of trim through dry-sift and bubble-bag techniques. 100% of the trim from this batch was fresh-frozen right away. As of now they are still sitting in a freezer awaiting processing.

Lab & Test Results

Coming soon. I need to re-create my ProVerde account using the new LLC business information. Testing is expensive but at a minimum I want to do a series of tests on a few different variations of this grow:

  • - Normal buds
  • - Buds that have been decarbed via the Ardent NOVA appliance,
  • - Normal rosin
  • - Rosin pressed from decarbed Ardent batch

I plan on doing as many test panels as I can afford but have been struggling with the idea of paying for a pesticide screen that I know I’ll pass since no pesticides were used and the starter clones came from plants I grew from seeds myself. However, this is a huge safety issue and rather than rely on some dude’s internet page it may actually be good for homegrowers to test and share pesticide result data. If you care about this leave me a comment or shoot me an email (

Photos from this Grow

Cuttings taken from Grow #1 plants that were already well into flowering …

Rooted clones as seen from inside the clone box

From water into soil (solo cups)

Transplanted cuttings

Moving from solo cups to 3gal smart fabric pots

Ugly and bushy! This is what forced re-veg looks like

Training and monster-cropping

Starting to look nice

Much of this branching was caused by forced re-veg but I also did a bit of cutting and guiding via velcro tape

Well into flower with quite a bit of manual leaf removal

Bud close-up #1

Bud close-up #2


Right before they were chopped down



Buds jarred, trim bagged


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