Grow 1.5: Cloning


Panic Cloning Experiment

Towards the end of grow #1 I went against all of the standard advice and took cuttings from some of my known-female plants that were several weeks into flowering. This was essentially a panic move to preserve genetics as well as have some known-good female plants in case my attempts to germinate new seeds failed.

You know what? My seeds failed to germinate. Tried to pop 7 different Dragon Kush x Grape Ape seeds from the same source and NONE of them germinated.

Because of the failure to germinate the new seeds and because I’ve got an order of Obiwan OG ( seeds coming for Grow #3, I decided that Grow #2 will try to run with the 4 cuttings I made from Grow #1.

It actually worked. I used an OxyClone kit that came with a garbage air pump but after replacing it I was able to root the 4 cuttings. The cuttings went straight into the Oxyclone kit after being dipped in cloning gel. They took maybe 8-10 days to show any signs of root formation but once the roots showed up it felt like they were growing multiple centimeters per day.

Once the roots got to ~4 inches in length I transplanted them into soil and kept them under a T5 light until I was ready to move them into 5gal pots and the closet.

Lessons Learned
  1. Must not get smug. 100% success rate in my 1st attempt is cool but internet forums and reddit are full of angst from people who had been successfully cloning only to see their latest attempts go sideways.

  2. Now that I’ve done it once, it is not that scary. I’m gonna take cuttings during veg stage from Grow #2.


The Oxyclone kit with 4 cuttings in it …


I regret not taking pictures of the un-rooted cut ends. Next time! I honestly thought this experiment would fail so I only grabbed the camera once roots started shooting out …


Transplanted the rooted clones into solo cups containing Roots Organic Formula 707 soil. The clear cups made it easy to watch for root growth and potential root-bound problems. However they only sat in cups for 4 days before they went into 5gal pots to start Grow #2.

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