Grow 1: Harvest!


Grow #1 Complete

The 5 remaining plants were harvested after roughly 60 days of flowering.

I did a rough wet trim while the plants were still in their smart pots and then cut each one down and ran it through a 3-bucket "bud washing" process where each plant was dunked into a cleaning bath of water, baking soda and lemon juice.

After the wash, the buds were dried in a drying rack for 7 days before a second trimming session. After the 2nd trim they went into mason jars with 62% Boveda pacs to cure for a few more weeks.

I didn't bother doing a super clean manicure as most of the buds will be dry-sifted and put through an ice water hash extraction process using standard bubble bags. I plan on keeping only the largest buds for smoking/vaping while the remainder will be squished in a rosin press.

Lessons Learned
  1. Way too many plants for the size of my enclosure. 1-2 monster SCROG’d plants or 3-4 plants in 5gal smart pots is better for the size I have to work with

  2. The 300watt “blurple” LED grow light did not provide uniform coverage in a rectangular shaped enclosure and light performance was made worse by how many plants I had stuffed into the closet. For Grow #2 I’m going to experiment with the 800-watt COB LED units from Roleadro (Link: and I’ll repurpose the 300 wat LED for use in a cloning or veg enclosure.

  3. I’m gonna stick with soil for now even though the grow ninjas all prefer coir or full-on hydro. Even if using soil means my plants don’t grow as fast as a hydroponic setup I’m not gonna stress over it. Growing in soil was fun, tolerant of mistakes and the ritual care and feeding was enjoyable.

  4. The “panic cloning” worked! I took cuttings during the 3rd week of flower despite “the internet” almost unanimously preaching “… never clone a flowering plant …”. Used an OxyClone kit to root out 4 cuts and they all survived. I’m fully prepared to have confused plants that may end up all bushy or strange but it will be worth it if I can take a set of known-female plants into the 2nd grow.

  5. I suck at trimming and need more practice.

Harvest & Rough Wet Trim
Before any trimming ...
After the rough trim ...

Bud washing

First bucket: 5gal water + 1 cup lemon juice + 1 cup baking soda
Second bucket: 5gal water (hot)
Second bucket: 5gal water (cold)


Second Trim

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