Grow 1: Week 6: 1st Male Cull


So far the grow has been operating for about 49 days and 11* potted plants have been in bloom/flower phase on a 12:12 light cycle for about 11 days. Supposedly 2-weeks into flower is when it becomes "easy" to sex the plants.

Seeing very rapid growth. This was the first week I was able to positively identify and cull a male plant that was developing pollen sacs. The seeds I started with were supposedly non-feminized so I was expecting 50% or more of the plants to be males that would have to be identified and removed. Either I am super lucky with seeds or (hopefully) the males have not all expressed themselves yet. I don't have the room to take 10 female plants through to harvest!

Week 6 News:
  • - Down to 10 plants after culling 1 male
  • - Getting worried about space; was expecting to have culled more males by now

Obvious pollen sacs!

All males must die

Solo plants, week 6

Running out of room!

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