Grow 1: Week 7: budbath


Female Marijuana Massacre!

So far the grow has been operating for about 56 days and the lants have been in bloom/flower phase on a 12:12 light cycle for about 18 days. The big news is that either I got super lucky with my seeds and only germinated 1 male plant out of 11 – OR the source of my seeds provided feminized seed packs instead of what they described as “unsexed”. Since I paid unsexed prices for the seed packs I’m happy either way.

Week 7 News:
  • - Crazy growth, closet was running out of room
  • - Had to cull 4 FEMALE plants just to free up space :(
  • - Down to 7 plants now

Damn, son! (too many happy plants, not enough space, time to cull …)

Both of these plants were germinated on the exact same day. Some of the growth (or lack …) is attributable to the size of the smart pot but the plants that ended up in the smaller pots were the laggards anyway. I was keeping them around until I knew all of the potential male plants had been identified and culled.

Here are the 4 plants that were voted off the island today …

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