Grow 1: Week 8: budbath, II


And now there were 5 …

So far the grow has been operating for about 63 days and the plants have been in bloom/flower phase on a 12:12 light cycle for about 3 weeks. After re-arranging the grow closet I realized that I still needed to cull at least one more healthy female plant. Cut down the smallest one with the least amount of flower growth but it was still very sad!

At least now I have an appropriate number of healthy plants for the size of my grow enclosure.

Week 8 News:
  • - Down to 6 plants after growing 10 healthy females from seed
  • - Lots of visible flower/bud action starting to appear
  • - More microscope pics

Still too many healthy females …

This was the old setup using rectangular plastic containers, they were not optimally sized for my 3gal smart pots …

Here is the additional female plant that was voted off the island today …

The new layout to make room for 5 uncrowded plants in 3gal smart pots

Some additional microscope pics

Starting to see flowering …

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