Grow 1: Week 9: Update


5 Female Plants Remaining

So far the grow has been operating for about 70 days and the plants have been in bloom/flower phase on a 12:12 light cycle for about 4 weeks. Last week I culled a healthy female to bring the total count down to 5 plans. This allowed me to move the smart pots into individual saucer bases while leaving more room for the final stages of growtg and flowering.

At least now I have an appropriate number of healthy plants for the size of my grow enclosure.

Week 8 News:
  • - Down to 5 plants after growing 10 healthy females from seed
  • - Significant bud and flower action
  • - 1st foliar spray, experimenting with a 2oz bottle of Sea Green that the garden shop gave me after I purchased a bunch of stuff
  • - Finally went beyond the idiot-proof 3-component Micro, Grow, Bloom nutrients from Cutting Edge Solutions that I’ve been using since day 1. Decided to add some more of the nice CES additives to the water mix – I’m now using low doses of Sugaree and Uncle Johns Blend when I water every 3-5 days.

Current grow pics

Close-ups of the growing buds:

A few more …

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