[Rosin Tech] 1st attempt: Filter Bags


The fine folks over at http://midwestdrysift.com/ are getting into the mesh filter bag business and are doing all of their manufacturing in Ohio. After chatting with them I decided to order a custom run of bags sized for my press plates in two different sizes – 125 micron mesh for pressing flower and 40 micron mesh for pressing hash.

Not entirely enthused with the results of my first test with flower. A tremendous amount of extracted material seems to get caught in the bag, particularly the seams. Suspect my primary issue was not packing the bags full enough and not ensuring that the seams and corners were tightly packed. As I get more material to run through the process I suspect I’ll get better at materials and methods.

Here are some pictures w/ comments about the 1st attempt to press with rosinmesh.com / midwestdrysift.com bags.

Loading the pre-press mold

Results of running the material through a pre-press compression process

Bag loaded …

After 1st press. Look at all the wax/rosin trapped in the bag!

Bag after 2x re-press operations

Rosin (as it looked after collection)

Rosin (after a low-temp remelt)

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