[Rosin Tech] 1st attempt: Pressing Hash


Word has gotten around our local Boston cannabis gardening club regarding the press setup I've been working on. People also know that I have limited "material" in which to run through the press in order to learn proper technique and have been generous in offering their own stuff .

Just to be VERY CLEAR: I've been pressing legal quantities of other people's material in order to learn and experiment, all extracted concentrate goes back to the owner and no money or product changes hands...

This has been really fun so far and has totally convinced me that our club really should get some sort of private social club or Co-Op model going where we can all pool tools and equipment when regulations allow. Co-ownership of cannabis processing, concentrate extraction and decarboxylation hardware would be a no-brainer once MA laws allow for the creation and operation of private recreational "social clubs", "fraternal organizations" or whatever they want to call it ...

The following set of pictures are from a squish session for which a friend was able to bring over three different types of bubble hash. We used 40 micro filter bags from www.midwestdrysift.com

Hell yeah:

Three different bubble hash runs: Girl Scout Cookies, Chunkberry and Mixed Trim

Post squish, pre-collection of the extracted rosin:

In action!

And a few rosin porn pics from the session:

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